Meaow – Cleaning Up After My New, Old Cat

It has been a while since I posted on this blog. So long in fact that I was shocked to see the date of my last post, and to realise just how much has since since those darker days of last year.

A new job, working with Edinburgh library service, and new man (yes), and a new cat have certainly shaken things up.

In fact of all of these the cat has proven to be the most demanding, and the most rewarding (don’t let my boyfriend read this). Read More…

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Time For A Big Change In Hair Style

Sometimes life’s changes are like buses – you wait a while then a bunch show up at once.

Finishing my studies, ending a long-term relationship, and moving flat (although still in Morningside). That was enough for May.

And though the world at the moment may swing from “Oh my God!” fabulous, to “Oh my God!” despairing, there is always one thing that a girl can do to put things right.

Yes, it’s all about the hair! And where better than my local salon at the top of Morningside Road. Read More…

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Rain, Rain Go Away – Keep Away From Our Roof

After a long and very busy Christmas period my boyfriend and I recently decided to spent a long, chill-out weekend away in the Scottish Borders. At least that’s what we had planned!

Our rental cottage on the edge of an estate outside Hawick looked perfect and with the recent mild weather we planned long walks with a return to a cosy fire, drinking malt whisky and eating healthy food (now, that’s what I call balance!).

The best laid plans… Read More…

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Getting Some SEO Help

So, I have to admit that this whole blog-thing has been a bit of a steeper learning curve than I first thought.

Sure, I’ve watched Carrie Bradshaw in her New York apartment sit and type away (about 2 sentences every episode by the looks of it) and make it look so cool and, well, easy.

But the truth is that I spend more time learning about stuff than actually doing stuff. It can get a bit frustrating although I’ve come acrosss a few resources that may help other budding bloggers. Read More…

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Finding A Chiropractor In Edinburgh

http://www.chiropractoredinburgh.netI recently had to drive back to Edinburgh from a long holiday weekend in Ullapool (great little town – highy recomended). What should have taken about 3 hours took close to 5 with caravans, tractors and some roadworks on the A9.

By the time I got back home my back was like a washboard and my neck was stiff as…

Things got a little better after a hot bath and a glass of wine, but when I woke the next morning my neck and left shoulder were really painful. After a day at my desk typing on a keyboard I was struggling big-time. Read More…

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Eating Out In Edinburgh

restaurants in edinburgh

Leith has many fine places to eat

One of the great things about living in Edinburgh is the variety of options we have when it comes to eating out – as well as the normal Chines, Indian and Thai food, we have Mexican, Armenian, Argentinian, Spanish  – the list goes on.

Check The List magazine where they have a good selection of reviews.

Personally I like to try different things and some of my favourites are Hendersons vegetarian restaurant in the City Centre, Pancho Villas on the Royal Mile and (my vote for best takeaway) The Delta Indian in Roseburn (near Murrayfield Stadium). Read More…

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Beginners Yoga Classes In Edinburgh

yoga edinburgh classes in morningside

I love yoga and one of the (many) great things about living in Edinburgh is the abundance of yoga classes.

For many years the city was the home to the emerging astanga yoga scene, as can be witnessed even today with some of the dedicated astanga studios. The most notable of these is Union Yoga in Canonmills which also does yoga teacher training.

I enjoy a vigorous stretch as much as the next girl, but personally prefer to have a longer time to luxuriate in a yoga pose. I tried Yin Yoga when they had the classes at Aditi Yoga (when it used to be in Alva Street) and really enjoyed it. That class has since gone, so I had a bit of investigating to do.

A friend who lives in Bruntsfield told me about the Iyengar yoga school near Holy Corner. It has been around since the 1960s and is probably the oldest yoga venue in the Capital. As nice as the teachers were I found it a bit of a faff having to go and collect and return various props (like chairs) at different points in the class. Somehow the momentum was broken by having to do this.

In the same area are classes in Newbattle Terrace. I saw the poster when going to the funky Dominion Cinema, as the venue is right next door. The class strikes a good balance between long hatha yoga streches but also getting your heart pumping a little bit too.

If you’re looking for beginners yoga classes in Edinburgh then it’s worth checking them out as the pace is good, and there were people at all levels in the class. There was also a nice, friendly vibe, and I was made to feel welcome.


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