Time For A Big Change In Hair Style

Sometimes life’s changes are like buses – you wait a while then a bunch show up at once.

Finishing my studies, ending a long-term relationship, and moving flat (although still in Morningside). That was enough for May.

And though the world at the moment may swing from “Oh my God!” fabulous, to “Oh my God!” despairing, there is always one thing that a girl can do to put things right.

Yes, it’s all about the hair! And where better than my local salon at the top of Morningside Road.

If you’re looking for hair salvation then visit MacGregor hairdressers in Edinburgh. Even if you have to travel from out of town it is worth it. Janet and her team can lift the spirits and inspire the belief that you are fabulous into any dispirited and dishevelled goddess.

Up until earlier this year you could combine it with a visit to Loopy Lornas tea house, but sadly that has now closed, although it’s only a few hundred yards to Starbucks and Costa. You can also visit Bravado for some seriously fantastic underwear and get some amazing chocolates and flowers at Harvest Garden (you can see why I still live in this area).

So what did I go for? Well take a look at this video and you’ll get an idea of my inspiration.

Pretty nice, eh? So, let’s see what June brings, but with my new look, new home, the support of friends, and an open horizon, things are feeling kinda positive.

Just what this girl needs. 🙂