Getting Some SEO Help

So, I have to admit that this whole blog-thing has been a bit of a steeper learning curve than I first thought.

Sure, I’ve watched Carrie Bradshaw in her New York apartment sit and type away (about 2 sentences every episode by the looks of it) and make it look so cool and, well, easy.

But the truth is that I spend more time learning about stuff than actually doing stuff. It can get a bit frustrating although I’ve come acrosss a few resources that may help other budding bloggers.

My very best advice is to use WordPress. The best thing about WP (as we bloggers like to call it) is that it is so widely used there are a ton of YouTube videos about it, so you’re never far away form help.

Here is a good video giving an overview of how it works.

See, not that intimidating is it?

But once you’ve got you website built the trick then is to get it found on Google, Yahoo etc.

That’s where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) kicks in. I caame across a lot of conflicting advice about this and lots of talk about Penguins and Hummingbirds and Pandas (sounds more like a trip to Edinburgh Zoo).

Fortunately a friend told me about SEO Edinburgh called Build Business Online who gave me a free consultation (highly recommended). I can’t afford their fees but at least I have few pointers to get me going.

Here’s their video

Next up for me is now finding the time to do all of the things on my ever-growing list. I honestly feel like I need to enrol on a time management course – but I’m too busy! (That was a joke, btw)

Seriously, though, making a website does require a lot of time and self-discipline. It’s not just as simple as writing (the part I like).

So, I promise, dear reader to do my best and pop in every now and again and let off some steam.

For all I know it may be just me, my mother, and my cat who actually read this, but it does feel like a little bit of an achievement for someone who isn’t particularly technically minded to put a website togerther and I enjoy doing it too. And to be honest, that’s satisfaction enough.