Finding A Chiropractor In Edinburgh

http://www.chiropractoredinburgh.netI recently had to drive back to Edinburgh from a long holiday weekend in Ullapool (great little town – highy recomended). What should have taken about 3 hours took close to 5 with caravans, tractors and some roadworks on the A9.

By the time I got back home my back was like a washboard and my neck was stiff as…

Things got a little better after a hot bath and a glass of wine, but when I woke the next morning my neck and left shoulder were really painful. After a day at my desk typing on a keyboard I was struggling big-time.

So I decided to go online and searched good chiropractor edinburgh – I needed someone who could work their magic – and quick!

On that site I found out about Discover Chiropractic in the west of the city. A few cracks of my neck and I had instant relief, although a bit tender, and I was sent home with some exercises to do on my own.

I had been a bit wary of a chiropractor, convinced it would hurt, but it’s just a quick adjustment, maybe with some clicks and you’re on your way. Honest, your head won’t fall off.

So, all in all, highly recommended if you want to get yourself balanced and your spine back in a straight line.

OK, tea break over – back to work!