Beginners Yoga Classes In Edinburgh

yoga edinburgh classes in morningside

I love yoga and one of the (many) great things about living in Edinburgh is the abundance of yoga classes.

For many years the city was the home to the emerging astanga yoga scene, as can be witnessed even today with some of the dedicated astanga studios. The most notable of these is Union Yoga in Canonmills which also does yoga teacher training.

I enjoy a vigorous stretch as much as the next girl, but personally prefer to have a longer time to luxuriate in a yoga pose. I tried Yin Yoga when they had the classes at Aditi Yoga (when it used to be in Alva Street) and really enjoyed it. That class has since gone, so I had a bit of investigating to do.

A friend who lives in Bruntsfield told me about the Iyengar yoga school near Holy Corner. It has been around since the 1960s and is probably the oldest yoga venue in the Capital. As nice as the teachers were I found it a bit of a faff having to go and collect and return various props (like chairs) at different points in the class. Somehow the momentum was broken by having to do this.

In the same area are classes in Newbattle Terrace. I saw the poster when going to the funky Dominion Cinema, as the venue is right next door. The class strikes a good balance between long hatha yoga streches but also getting your heart pumping a little bit too.

If you’re looking for beginners yoga classes in Edinburgh then it’s worth checking them out as the pace is good, and there were people at all levels in the class. There was also a nice, friendly vibe, and I was made to feel welcome.